This is what I am: sometimes hidden, sometimes seen.
Sometimes a momin, sometimes Jew or Christian,
Able to fit into any heart,
Taking on a new face every day.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Journey from page to silver screen

The spiritual journey of renowned 13th century Sufi poet, known widely today as Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, will spring from page to silver screen when Rumi: The Fire of Love hits theatres. Now in pre-production, shooting of the film is set to start in December 2008. After 20 revisions to the script and much hard work, eight years later, director Muzaffar Ali's vision is finally coming to fruition. Ali's first film in more than 20 years, Rumi: The Fire of Love appeals to youth today who want to change the world, but who do not know how to do so. The Fire of Love is the story of one man's struggle with the search for knowledge to the discovery of the Path of Divine Truth. It is also the story of today's human quest to cast aside the boundaries that separate religions and find peace in a world where clashing beliefs can co-exist without violence and without threat of annihilation.

Like whirling dervishes seeking to become closer to the Divine, we are all engaged in a dance to become closer to ourselves, closer to our beliefs--whatever they may be--and find tranquility in one another. Rumi's journey to show that there is not only one Truth remains relevant in today's world; religion should not be forced upon us nor should it forge boundaries between brethren or justify war.
Likewise, The Fire of Love promises to be a vast, visual epic which comes from the heart rather than from East or West.

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